Since November 2010, the team of around 60 volunteers serve the night-time economy (NTE) every Friday & Saturday night providing a calming, caring presence in the city, working alongside Street Wardens, paramedics, Police and door staff. We offer support to clubbers, diners, concert go-ers, homeless people, tourists and anyone else we encounter on the street who might become vulnerable.

Each volunteer will be on duty approximately once-a-month on a Friday or Saturday evening, from 10:00pm to around 2.30am. Teams work as two mixed pairs patrolling the areas where the night-life is most active.

Our role is five-fold:

Pastoring the streets
Providing a friendly, caring, helpful presence
Assisting people in getting home safely
Spending time with anyone who needs particular care and attention

Protecting the vulnerable
Looking out for anyone who could become vulnerable: proactive
Providing support for people in vulnerable situations: reactive
Signposting to other services in the city

Partnering with key services
Assisting the street wardens, police and paramedics in any way we can
Discerning when we need to call on other services
Supporting future developments

Preventing crime
Advising the street wardens or city watch of dangerous or criminal situations that we observe
Helping keep the street clear of glass and bottles
Reminding people that they cannot drink alcohol on the street

Planting seeds of hope
Helping people to feel loved and cared for
Demonstrating a non-judgemental approach
Providing a caring, pastoral presence to everyone we engage with