Where did city pastors come from?

City Pastors is an initiative involving volunteers working in partnership with Birmingham’s Westside & Southside Business Improvement Districts to ensure that the city is a safe, vibrant environment for everyone who visits.

The project began back in 2010 out of a desire for Christians from local churches to serve the city of Birmingham in a relevant and meaningful way. We initially explored working with Street Pastors, but with their

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What are our aims and values?

Our aims as a project are to be:

  • Authentic in our contribution to the city – unique areas requiring bespoke projects
  • Assimilated into what was already in existence in the city – a great night-time economy already in place
  • Accessible to those who wanted to get involved – no joining fee or training costs.

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What do city pastors do?

Since November 2010, the team of around 60 volunteers serve the night-time economy (NTE) every Friday & Saturday night providing a calming, caring presence in the city, working alongside Street Wardens, paramedics, Police and door staff. We offer support to clubbers, diners, concert go-ers, homeless people, tourists and anyone else we encounter on the street who might become vulnerable.

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Where do we work?


The Westside Business Improvement District (BID) is constantly working towards creating a more attractive, better-marketed, brighter, safer and cleaner business environment in Broad Street, Brindleyplace, Five Ways, Centenary Square, Broadway Plaza and all the surrounding areas.

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What do others say?

We are privileged to be fully integrated into the night-time economy (NTE) in our city, working closely other key services in the city. As well as the awards given to the project from the Westside Business Improvement district, the project received an award from West Midlands Police for our services to the city.

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Why become a city pastor?

One of our current team members comments on the impact of City Pastors’ ministry:

“Reuniting girls with parents after a concert, giving directions, waiting with someone for a taxi, radio-ing Police camera when someone becomes vulnerable is what we do as City Pastors. A grateful person once asked why we had helped them, to which we replied, ‘Because God cares’, and that’s why we joined the project, working a night or so every month in Birmingham’s vibrant entertainment district, helping people to have a good night.”

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